Many of our clients, corporate and insurance, have over the years, found themselves involved in controversies and litigation in courts in cities with which they were not familiar. At their request, we have represented these clients throughout the Gulf South. Our lawyers are admitted to the bar of the States in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, New York and South Carolina. The firm has tried and handled cases from Rio Grande City in Starr County Texas on the border with Mexico, to Dade County Court in Miami, Florida, to United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in New York City. We have even appeared before the Supreme High Court of Judicature in Georgetown, Guyana. We have developed a network of “cooperating law firms” who allow us use of their facilities in their locale at little or no cost to our clients. We are available to travel on behalf of our clients at a moments notice and do so quite often. Our goal in this endeavor is to provide the client with a single and known quantity for representation, no matter where the problem exists in the Gulf South and beyond.